I’m not receiving my own test emails. What do I do?

To test your email, we suggest sending yourself a preview. A preview email is considered a ‘quick send’ because it’s usually delivered quite quickly. If you’ve sent preview or test emails and they haven’t arrived in your inbox, you can follow these guidelines to solve the problem:

Check the Spam/Junk Folder

If you haven’t received the preview within a couple of minutes, look at the following possible solutions:

  • Check the Spam/Junk filter. If the email has landed there, read how to avoid the SPAM filter.
  • If the email is not there, create a test list of contacts who you know that you can send a test email to.
  • Are you using a ‘No-reply’ address as the ‘From’ and ‘Reply-to’ email address? Here’s why we don’t recommend it.

Create a Test List

Make sure your test list has valid internal email addresses (e.g. your colleagues’ addresses). Add external addresses for good measure (e.g.: hotmail.com, gmail.com, and yahoo.com). Send your email message to this test list and view the email report for that message.

If the email report shows the message has failed, it means it’s not leaving the sending server and you should contact support for assistance.

Check For Bounces

If the email shows up in Reports > Email as ‘Sent’, there could be a delay in delivery depending on servers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Not all servers will get the message to the inbox at the same time and some get delivered sooner or later than others. Check the bounce report for that message (Detailed Report > Recipients > Bounces) to see if any bounces are recorded. Bounces are tracked when receiving servers send bounce reports back to the system. The details at the bottom of this report show why each bounced message wasn’t delivered.

Check With Your IT Department or ISP

If there’s no bounce report for the message and the message still hasn’t come through to your inbox, ask your internal IT department or ISP if the message is being blocked. You should also test that you can send and receive emails internally and externally from your email address in your email client, to confirm it’s not just emails from the system you’re unable to retrieve. If all else fails, contact support and ask to speak to our Reputation Manager.