How do I convert a CSV file to Excel format?

The simplest way to do this is to open the CSV file in Excel.

  • Select the column your data is in – this will probably be column one.
  • Click on the Data tab and select the ‘Text to Columns’ button. This will launch the Convert Text to Columns Wizard.
  • Check Delimited, then click Next.
  • On step 2 of the wizard, check the Comma text box (or whichever character is separating each data entry in your CSV file), then click Next.
  • In step 3, if you have data that starts with zeros, and you need to keep them, select the column with special content in the Data Preview, and choose a format for it in the Column data format.
  • You can also choose columns to exclude from your import in this step. Highlight the column in the data preview, and check Do not import column (skip).
  • Click Finish. Your CSV data should now be separated into columns.