How do I test my personalisation data before sending the email?

Personalisation can be tested using Everlytic’s live testing functionailty in message composition.

  • In the bottom right corner, click ‘Send Test’. You will have 3 options to choose from:
    • Basic preview without personalisation – No personalisation will be visible on your test.
    • Test personalisation with data from 5 random contacts – The platform will randomly select 5 random contacts on your list to test personalisation fields. The 5 emails will be sent to whomever is testing the email, or whoever adds their email address in the ‘send preview’ email address box.
    • Specify 5 contacts whose data you want to use to test personalisation. You can add the email addresses or a Unique IDs of specific contacts to test their personalisation. The five email tests will be sent to whomever’s email address is added to the ‘Send The Preview To’ textbox.