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How do I make a CSV file?

A CSV file is a comma-separated version of the file you’ve created in Excel. To import contacts using the upload CSV function you’ll first need to organise your data in a single Excel sheet.


Why can’t I delete lists?

The system will not allow you to delete lists that have been sent to in the last 30 days. While you can technically delete lists after the 30 days has lapsed, we strongly recommend against doing so.


How do I add contacts to an existing list?

If you have new contacts that you’d like to add to an existing list, you can do this in the list-selection step of the list import process.


Can I send birthday messages?

You can use workflows to send birthday emails, using the Anniversary workflow type.


How do I combine all my lists?

Our platform has an advanced tool that allows you to merge separate lists into one. When you merge two different lists, the old list will automatically be deleted.


How do I handle unsubscribes?

It’s not necessary for you to manually update or delete contacts who unsubscribe from your mailing list.


How do I personalise my messages?

You can personalise your messages according to any information imported into the system. A common personalisation is by contact name, like “Dear John”.