Grow and manage your database with imports, exports, filters, custom fields, and smart subscription forms.

Manage Contacts

Our system offers many powerful tools to manage your database contacts. This page shows you how to add contacts, view their information, understand their contact status and rating, as well as how to pull contact reports.


Contact Manager (New)

We’re upgrading the way you manage your contacts in our platform. Learn about the dashboard, its functionality, and how to view, add, and edit contact data.



Before you can start sending messages via email, SMS, or voice broadcasting, you need to import your contact database into the system. This section will show you how to do that and how to pull reports on those imports.


Bulk Update

The Bulk Update tool allows you to change some details for many contacts at once. You can’t update specific details, like email addresses and mobile phone numbers, but you can update general data, like email status or company name.


Manage Lists

Your contact lists are the databases in which you keep all your subscriber information. On this page, you’ll learn more about creating lists, list groups and reports on these lists.



Once you have contacts in your list (database), you can export them into a comma-delimited .csv file. This can be useful for adding new fields to existing contact data and re-importing it.



Filters help you to group your lists into segments so you can send targeted communications. You can use filters to send things like birthday messages or interest-specific product catalogues.


Tag Manager

Contact tagging is a lightweight way to organise subscriber data, so you can segment lists and groups of contacts for more personalised messaging.


Custom Fields

Custom fields are data fields in your database that are specific to your organisation. After creating them in the system, you can use them in subscription forms, imports, filters, and for message personalisation.


Subscription Forms

The easiest way to grow your database is to have a subscription form on your website or at the point of sale, inviting visitors to sign up for your mailing list.