Once you have contacts in your list (database), you can export them into a comma-delimited .csv file. This can be useful for adding new fields to existing contact data and re-importing it.

How to Export a List

To export a list:

  • Go to: Database Management > Exports
  • Select a list/s from the drop-down list on the left (you can export from more than one list at a time)
  • Click View
  • From here, you can specify the following types of information that you’d like to export:
    • Filter Options
    • Export Options
    • Fields to Export
    • Additional Properties
    • Tags
    • Custom Fields
Filter Options

In the Filter Options, you can select the type of contacts you’d like to export and the type of subscription they have:

  • Export: Active, Bounced, Unsubscribed, Unconfirmed, Off, All.
  • With: Any subscription, email subscription, SMS subscription.
Export Options

You can export your contacts either to a file (.csv) or to a text box (displayed in the result window on the right). This enables you to preview the data before exporting a file.

Standard Fields, Additional Properties & Custom Fields

In these sections, you can select which fields you’d like included in the export. If you’d like to export contact information that extends beyond the standard fields, select the Additional Properties, Tags, or Custom Fields checkboxes to include data from those options too.

These are some of the less-obvious field options you can choose from:

Field NameDescription
Contact StatusIf the contact is on / off, subscribed / unsubscribed, awaiting confirmation, or bounced.
Contact System IDThe ID in the system assigned to a contact automatically.
Contact Unique IDIf you have a unique ID for each of your contacts, such as Member ID etc.
Contact Email StatusWhether the contact email is subscribed, unsubscribed, confirmed, unconfirmed, forwarded etc.
Contact Mobile StatusWhether the contact email is subscribed, unsubscribed, confirmed, unconfirmed, forwarded etc.
Email List StatusContact email status on the list.
Mobile List StatusContact mobile status on the list.
TitleTitle of the contact, e.g. Mr, Ms, Dr.
DepartmentThe department where the contact works within the company.
IndustryWhich industry does the company fall into; mining, textile, banking etc.
PositionThe position of the contact in the company.
AddressThe address of the company or contact.
Address 2A second part to the address.
ZipThe zip code for the company / contact.
MessagesThe number of messages the contact has received since subscribing.
Message ReadsThe number of messages the contact has read.
Message Read InferredThe number of reads inferred by link clicks.
Message Unique ReadsThe number of unique / new message reads.
Message ClicksThe total number of link clicks a contact has made.
Message Unique ClicksThe number of unique / single clicks (excludes multiple clicks on the same link).
ScoreThe contact’s overall score.
RatingThe contact’s rating.