The Bulk Update tool allows you to change some details for many contacts at once. You can’t update specific details, like email addresses and mobile phone numbers, but you can update general data, like email status or company name.

E.g.: if you need to update a group of email contacts’ statuses to Unsubscribed, you can do it using this tool.

How to Do a Bulk Update

To do a bulk update:

  • Go to: Database Management > Bulk Update
  • Choose between updating email or SMS contacts using the tabs on the top left of the screen.
  • Then, either:
    • Paste the email addresses (or mobile numbers) of the contacts you want to update into the text box. Make sure the addresses are separated with commas, or on their own separate lines.
    • Specify a list from the table in the bottom left of the screen to update all the contacts on it.

You have two main options for bulk updating:

  • Update Contacts
  • Delete Contacts

Note: You can’t use bulk update to add new subscribers to a list, you can only update existing contacts.

Next, select the properties / fields you’d like to update from the checklists. This will open three change options:

  • Set to: This will replace the information that is currently in your list for this field.
  • If null set to: If there’s no data in your list for this field, it will be updated with whatever you specify here.
  • Set to null: This will clear any existing data in this field.

Click the Update button when you’re finished.