Integrate our platform with your CRM or other data source to manage contacts and send messages.

Getting Started with Our API

Our system offers a variety of API integrations that you can use with your system. See the basics below of how this works and refer to our API Library for the technical information for each API.



You can use this request to return a URL that will automatically log a user in. You can supply a user ID in the request, and then when someone clicks the URL which is returned, it will log that person in as the user specified in the original request.


Create a New Contact

This request allows you to create a new contact. You’ll do this when you want to add a contact to one or more of your lists.


Create Contacts in Bulk

You can use this request to create many contacts at once by passing an array of contacts to the server. Each contact’s details should be indexed by a separate array key.


Contacts Import

You can use this request to create many contacts at once. This request is similar to the Create Contacts in Bulk method, but it runs the contact creation asynchronously.


Get a List of Contacts

This request will return a subset of all your contacts. Use the page and count parameters to get the whole list.


Get the Specified Contact

This request retrieves the properties of a specified contact. You can use unique or system-generated contact IDs to specify the contact.


Contact Activity

This request allows you to get contact activity for a specific contact.


Import Progress

You can use this request to check the progress of your import.