This endpoint will return reporting data for the category name that was used when sending the batch.

The Method

RESTGEThttps://[Your URL]/api/2.0/production/sms/report/category/{category name}


Required Parameters
PropertyTypeDescriptionDefaultRequiredRead Only
category_namestringThe category name that was used when sending the batch.emptyYesN/A
Optional Parameters

You may include any of these optional parameters:

PropertyTypeDescriptionDefaultRequiredRead Only
pageintegerIndicates which page of results you would like to fetch.1NoN/A
countintegerIndicates how many results you would like to fetch.1000NoN/A

Code Samples

Example Request
GET /api/2.0/ production/sms/ report/category/{category name}
HTTP/1.1 Host: https://[Your URL] Authorization: Basic YWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvcjp2bE1lTGk2UlVJR21SQzNvaWRMZXBsc2J5RU5NRkY3Yl85OTk= Content-Type: application/json 
Example Response
           "mobile_number": "+27721234568",
           "sent_date": "2019-06-23 15:11:01", 
           "delivered_date": "2019-06-23 17:11:06", 
           "status": "delivered",
           "transaction_message": "Hello Bob", 
           "reply_content": null, 
           "reply_received_date": null,
           “custom_id”: “custom_id_2”