This API endpoint enables you to add a domain to our platform via an API call.

The Method

API   Method
REST GET https://[Your URL]/api/3.0/domains/create


Required Parameters
Property Type Description Default Required Read Only
domain string Valid domain that needs to be created None Yes  

Code Samples

Example Request
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Example Response
    "result": "success",
    "data": {
        "messages": [
            "Domain Created",
            "Please add the DNS records to your domain"
        "domain": {
            "domain_domain": "mydomain.co.za",
            "domain_sending_verified": "no"
        "dns_records": {
            "txt": {
                "host": "@",
                "points_to": "e7c64ea238ba88f09f3c559db755a6da3cd1bb2a8e953b93a332d538f6381baa
            "cname_1": {
                "host": "everlytickey1._domainkey.",
                "points_to": "everlytickey1._domainkey.eversrv.com"
            "cname_2": {
                "host": "everlytickey2._domainkey.",
                "points_to": "everlytickey2._domainkey.eversrv.com"
            "cname_3": {
                "host": "eversrv.",
                "points_to": "bounce-mx.eversrv.com"