How do I search for a specific contact?

To search for a specific contact:

  • Hover over the Database Management icon (person with a cog) in the platform navigation and click Manage Contacts.
  • Click Search in the top-right corner.
  • Search by email address, mobile number, or unique ID. Contacts are sorted by the date they were imported to or created in the platform.

You can also search for contacts in specific lists:

  • Hover over the Database Management icon in the platform navigation and click Manage Lists.
  • Click the name of the list you want to view the contacts for (not the checkbox).
  • In the preview panel on the right, click the Contacts icon. This will display all contacts assigned to this list.
  • From here, you can search, like in the steps above.

You can view the information by email or mobile by clicking on the relevant tabs.