Voice broadcasting allows you to send a recorded message to your subscribers as a direct phone call, getting your message across in minutes.

How to Send a Voice Broadcast

Tutorial Video
Create Voice Broadcast

Hover over the microphone icon in the left-hand navigation bar and click Create Voice Broadcast. This will navigate you to the voice broadcasting modal.

Select Your List

In the top drop-down, select the contact list that you’d like to send your voice broadcast to.

Name Your Broadcast

Name this voice broadcast in the description text box.

Choose Audio Option

Select whether you’d like to use the text-to-speech function, or if you’d like to upload a pre-recorded audio file.

  • Text-to-speech: Type your message out in the text-to-speech text box and select whether you’d like a male or female voice, and what accent you’d like it to have (South African accents are not yet available). To personalise text in your voice broadcast, read our FAQ on how to personalise your messages.
  • Pre-recorded audio file: Click on the blue Browse button to select the voice recording that you’d like to upload from your computer. Tip: Keep your voice recordings to 30 seconds or less. Usually 15 to 20-second recordings perform best.
Audio Options
Confirm Unsubscribe Message

Confirm that you’ve included an unsubscribe message in your audio file.

Schedule Your Broadcast

Select whether you’d like to send the voice broadcast immediately or specify a scheduled time.


Click Send / Schedule in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Send Screen
Track and / or cancel broadcast

Once you’ve sent your voice broadcast, you can track it’s progress on the voice history page and even cancel some (or all) of your broadcast if you catch it before it’s completed all the calls.

Voice Cancel Option

Voice Broadcasts in Workflows

To add voice broadcasts to workflows, add it as an action when creating your workflow. Please note, however, that workflows only allow audio-file uploads for voice at this stage, not text-to-speech. For more information on how to create a workflow, read the workflows tutorial.

Voice Recording Formats

The platform currently accepts voice recordings in the following formats:

  • aiff
  • au
  • avr
  • caf
  • htk
  • iff
  • mat
  • paf
  • pvf
  • raw
  • r8
  • sd2
  • sds
  • sf
  • voc
  • w64
  • wav
  • xi