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Downloadable Docs

Alternative Composition Methods

How to compose an email using the Classic composer, Coder, by importing from a URL, or uploading from ZIP.

Dynamic Attachments

Dynamic attachments enable you to personalise your attachments to the contact receiving the email (e.g.: sending separate invoices to each client every month). Instead of sending individual mails with their unique invoices attached to each one, you can send a single mail to all your contacts, and each person will receive their unique invoice.


Email Composition Checklist (Using the Builder)

Use this checklist to guide your email creation process using our drag-and-drop email Builder.

Marketing Guides

Best Practices to Enhance Email Engagement in Education

Email marketing is an increasingly important medium for education institutions to communicate with parents and students. It’s a way to build trust, boost a sense of authority, and encourage engagement. But brand communication in this space is highly competitive. The good news? Our research discovered there are strategies you can use to ensure your emails are effective and stand out.

Top Tips for Better Email Engagement in Travel & Tourism

Email marketing continues to be a dominant channel for communicating messaging about travel and tourism. This is especially true at a time when many seek to make up for opportunities lost due to movement restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Travel brands are trying to leverage from this rise in interest. To beat the competition, you need to build trust, create a sense of adventure, and, ultimately, nudge bookings. Having language tips to guide you can make all the difference to boost your email engagement.

Email Marketing 2022 Benchmarks: See What Shifted in SA’s Email Engagement Since We Went ‘Back to Normal’

Email engagement has shifted since 2020. See what’s changed since we went ‘back to normal’ in our 2022 Email Benchmarks Report.

Guide to SMS in Multi-Channel Marketing

How does SMS fit into your multi-channel marketing strategy? In this guide we take a detailed look at SMS as a trusted digital channel and highlight the ways it can add value to your business.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Message Personalisation

Personalisation has become a necessity in marketing and communication, but many brands still aren’t using it effectively. This guide finally simplifies personalisation, so all communication professionals know what it is, know why to use it, and can develop their brands’ personalisation capacity one step at a time.

Top Tips for Better Email Engagement in Retail

Want better email engagement in retail? Our latest guide is full of powerful tips to kick-start tired campaigns. Read more and learn how a few simple tweaks can have a major impact on email effectiveness.

Transactional Email Guide

How are transactional emails different to marketing emails, why use them, and what are the best practices to make the most of them? Read this guide to learn.

Top Language Tips for Better Emails

Everlytic and BreadCrumbs, an award-winning behavioural communications firm, analysed the 50 best-performing emails sent by South Africa’s financial industry in 2020 to see what language elements they all had in common. Get this guide to see the findings and learn how to implement action-driving language in your emails.

How to Drive Conversions Using Automated Marketing Funnels

Automated marketing funnels market and sell your offers for you – even when you’re off the clock. This two-part guide teaches you how they work and how to put them together, so you can establish a robust online presence, using psychology to nurture leads to conversion.

Email Marketing 2020 Benchmarks: Analysing Trends in South Africa’s Email Engagement

This benchmarks report analyses the impact on email marketing engagement metrics seen in 2020; the sharpest change we’ve ever seen in our benchmarks.

Content Marketing Strategy: How to Maximise Your Digital Content to Grow Your Business

In this comprehensive content strategy white paper, you’ll learn the process of planning, developing, and executing a smart content marketing strategy for your business.

Email Delivery Guide: Using Engagement Principles to Get Your Emails to the Inbox

Learn about the journey that every email takes between sender and recipient, what’s getting your emails marked as spam, and the four strategies you can implement now to improve your email delivery.

Guide to Effective SMS Marketing

SMS is highly underestimated. In this guide to effective SMS marketing, we share tips and guidelines to make the most of your text-messaging campaigns.

Crisis Communication 101: COVID-19 Edition

During COVID-19, your communications must adapt. This e-book will help you do this and guide you on planning a communication framework for future crises.

Guide to Advanced Communication Automation

Advanced communication automation gives you the power to have engaging, profitable conversations with people when they expect it. Get the guide that shows you how.

2020 POPIA Guide: How to Comply Without Killing Your List

In this POPIA guide, you learn about the real impact of POPIA on marketing, what to do about it, and how not to kill your email list in the process.

Communication in the ‘New Normal’: How to Prepare for 2021

COVID-19 left many businesses blind-sided. Organisations had to adjust quickly, finding ways to survive while keeping customers and employees safe. What impact are these changes having on business communication in 2021?

eCommerce Email Automation Guide: Boost Efficiencies & Scale Your Online Store

eCommerce has grown exponentially in the last year. Is your online store ready to scale? Use the guidelines in this guide to automate your communications, so your business can improve efficiencies and scale seamlessly with the industry.

Guide to Effective Email Marketing

Our email inboxes are flooded with information every day. Brands need to be clever about the way they approach email marketing. This guide will help address some of the issues digital marketers face, like benchmarks, the buying cycle, building a database, data privacy compliance, reporting, email marketing trends, and more.

Guide to Inbound Marketing

In this guide, we will look at the differences between the traditional methods of broadcast marketing to the subtler approach of inbound marketing and how to use these methods to attract customers to your brand.

Smart Customer Engagement: How to Build Meaningful Business Relationships Through Personalised Messaging

Customers are inundated with messaging. If you want to build meaningful business relationships with your customers, you need to consistently communicate with them without being intrusive. You need to be truly customer-centric, which is only achieved when you have the data to understand who your customers are and what they care about, coupled with personalised, effective messaging.