Email Composition Checklist (Using the Builder)

Use this checklist to guide your email creation process using our drag-and-drop email Builder. For step-by-step information please click here.

Step 1: Choose a Template

Hover over the envelope icon in the left-hand navigation bar and click Create Email. Then choose a pre-designed template or customise a blank one.

Step 2: Message Properties

Enter the message properties (like subject line, inbox preview text, and the from email address) that differentiate this email from the others you create. You can also add it to an existing campaign.

Step 3: Message Composition

Compose your email using the drag-and-drop Builder. For more detailed guidance, go back to Create Email.

Step 4: Select Lists

Define which lists to send your message to and add filters to segment your lists for deeper reporting.

Step 5: Delivery Options

Toggle between the tabs to specify the delivery details for your email.

  • Sending Options: Customise email notification settings and remove duplicate email addresses from your mailing list.

  • Tracking Options: Track opens and clicks on your emails and connect our platform to your Google Analytics account.

  • Footer: Manage elements in your email footer, like the unsubscribe link, footer size, forwarding links, and social media links.

  • Approval & Reports: If you need to get approval for your message before sending, set that up here.

  • Scheduling: Set a future sending date, time, and recurrence for your email.

  • Intervals: Set up staggering and rate limiting if you’re sending to a large list.

  • Social Posting: Publish your emails on social media.

Step 6: Confirm & Send

View all message settings, preview your email, check the SPAM score, and see an inbox preview one last time. Then click Send.