Version 7.9.1 of the system contains the following updates:


  • Email history can be filtered by lists.
  • Add the schedule recurrence to the message preview on email listing.
  • Order sent messages by sent date.
  • Show the detailed reports button on a paused message.

Date Triggered Drip Campaigns

Date triggered drip campaigns are now live.

Other Changes

  • Responsive public pages for subscription form & confirmation.
  • Microsoft Dynamics plugin: Add message ID to “How to Compose”.
  • Transactional SMSes: Front end stats.

Bugs Zapped

  • Importing into many lists is very slow.
  • Fix “Cannot redeclare value()” error across product
  • Filter by list display error
  • Subscription forms do not redirect to specified URL on confirmation.
  • Uncaught syntax error.
  • Notification bar covers buttons.
  • IE8 giving issues with the new interface.
  • View PDF and Share buttons missing in email reports.
  • Error notice on autoresponder listing.