This version of the system includes the following updates:

SMS Listing

  • SMS listing is now ordered by message status, with “Sending” messages first, followed by the other statuses.

Email Listing

  • On all emails listing: Shows most recent message created/sent regardless of the status of the message.
  • The sending filter on the email history shows in the same order as “All Email”
  • Re-add the public view for emails in the reports.

Bugs Zapped

  • Campaign notices.
  • Errors on the Drip Campaign reports.
  • Unsubscribe: User not found notice.
  • CK Editor config option not found.
  • Helplinks timeout
  • Loading icon not showing on SMS composition.
  • Edit Button on “View this email in your browser” block isn’t working.
  • Editing email starts at “Properties”, not at step 2.
  • Scheduled messages not showing if scheduled for now.
  • Linking autoresponder to SMS gives error popup.