This version of the system contains the following updates:

Email Listing UI

The new email listing has been released, bringing it in line with our new user interface. The screen is divided into three sections; the menu, the email list, and the email preview.

SMS Reports Listing

SMS Reports have had a major overhaul, improving many issues relating to layout, graphs, and access rights.

Transactional SMS Listing

The new listing UI has been rolled out for Transactional SMSes

General Changes

  • Improved system for when autoresponders are deleted from triggers.
  • A/B Split Testing subject lines shown on confirmation page.
  • When suspending a customer, all departments are also suspended.
  • Bounce handling amended: Relying issues changed from hard to soft.
  • New user notifications implemented.

Bugs Zapped

  • Email Builder button colour editing error.
  • Notice on SMS Composition
  • SMS Reports/History no status and date.
  • Turn off contacts on unsubscribe.
  • SFTP Import not working on some servers.
  • Pagination buttons not working.
  • Menu tabs on left of AB Split reports broken in IE8.
  • Negative quota on installs.
  • Pagination on the transaction log, on a customer preview, is broken.
  • Link on signup froms goes to
  • “Email Powered By” logo isn’t redirecting.