Version 7.7.8 of the system contains the following updates:

General Changes

  • Database import size increased to 10MB.
  • Disable/Enable delivery options – visually distinct when checked/unchecked.
  • Multiple user report access in transactional SMS reports.
  • New API call to get a list of replies sent to an SMS.
  • A/B Split Testing – operational toolbar buttons added to report.
  • Shared reports can be printed to PDF.

Bugs Zapped

  • Coder composition does not show error messages.
  • Subscription form – error page.
  • Operation and lists not kept when error occurs on subscription forms.
  • Unknown stat on SMS sending is very high.
  • Ajax loading graphic displaying over buttons.
  • Second page on account logs drops filters.
  • SMS listing jumps to sending SMS.
  • Link shortening bug.
  • Email on SMS reply error.
  • Gmail displaying tracking image.
  • API List creation issue.
  • Account logs to include actual SMS sent column.
  • Account logs not displaying the departments of the customer.
  • Bounce and delivery being counted on some SMSes.
  • Access rights not checked on SMS reports.
  • Pagination on autoresponders listing is broken.
  • Templates – Not saving lists.
  • SMS count error.
  • Help links in emails not working.
  • Message scheduling options showing on SMS.
  • CDN Problems.