This update contains the following changes in the system:


  • Phone layout and details improved on SMS reports preview.
  • SMS to autoresponder – allows creation of customised “website”.
  • SMS link reporting.
  • Properties tab changes in SMS reports:
    • Add link tracking setting.
    • Add to confirmation at the same time.
    • Add Clicks number on SMS listing detail.

AB Split Testing

  • Message comparison screen.
  • Message comparison report.
  • A/B Reports improved.

Drip Campaigns

  • Drip campaigns can be triggered by date, as well as by subscription.

Other Updates

  • Email clients missing from template inbox preview, Email on Acid updated.

Bugs Zapped

  • Standard campaign report is broken.
  • Enterprise templates modal keeps timing out.
  • SMS reporting filters.
  • Public interface subscribe error.
  • Mobile contacts are unconfirmed.
  • List search.
  • Complaints notices.
  • Language options not displaying under SMS delivery options.