This update include the following changes to the system:

A/B Split Testing

  • Sending & architecture.
    • Only two messages allowed on A/B Test.
    • Winner conditions catered for.
    • Campaigns table must cater for A/B.
  • Improvements to A/B preview.
  • Quick sending.

SMS Replies

Events can now be triggered when a contact replies to an SMS, where that reply is not to unsubscribe.


  • API update using unique_id
  • User authentication method

Other Improvements

  • Add double opt-in contact statuses on drip campaigns.
  • Global suppression finalisation:
    • remove all role-based email addresses from the list.
    • Make sure Nexus UI is working.

Bugs Zapped

  • Message filters fatal error
  • List delete improvements fatal error.
  • Warning on filters
  • Bulk update: Contacts not found not updating when deleting, but working on update.
  • Spam Assassin fatal error.
  • SMS reply trigger converting to subscribe.
  • Error on Enterprise bounce reports.