This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • Help modal has been included into the product:
    • Click the ? symbol to bring up the help modal. Links to documentation.
  • Personalisation Modal updated:
    • Link to Autoresponder added to SMS personalisation options.
    • Personalisation field order changed:
      • Contact Fields.
      • Custom Fields.
      • List Fields.
      • Message Fields.
      • Links.
      • Autoresponder.
      • Extended Fields.
      • Date and Time.
    • Logo and Small fields in Enterprise Fields have been removed from SMS personalisation modal.
  • Account Logs now exports the following fields:
    • Reads.
    • Clicks.
    • Unique Reads.
    • Unique Clicks.
    • Bounces.
    • Complaints.
    • Forwards.


  • Descriptions have been added to the messages preview in Standard Campaign.
  • Drip Campaigns can no longer move to the next step of message composition, if no message/node has been added.
    • Back button no longer validates lists on List Selection screen.


  • Spam Score has been removed from email preparation
  • When data export is enabled, the Bounce Contents button shows on Shared Email Reports.
  • List names in Email History re-skinned to look better.


  • Filters > Contact Activity > Message Activity now displays the Message ID when you hover over messages.
    • Select All option has also been added.
  • Filters based on Imports have been included to AB Split testing.
    • Date column extended to fit whole date on one line.
    • Refresh button now works correctly.


  • Message Listing page now displays Unknown stat in the progress bar.
    • Does not display if there is no Unknown stat to show.
  • Personalisation options moved and added to Personalisation button
    • Custom Fields now appear in personalisation options for SMS Message Composition.
    • Adding personalisation to SMS no longer wraps the link in HTML.
  • Warning message has been added to the SMS History page for Bounces:
    • Bounces only appear 2 days after a send. The number will remain on zero until then.

Bugs Zapped

  • AB Split test List Options fixed:
    • List Selection page no longer shows the wrong tabs when an import filter is used.
    • White space padding fixed when applying filter.
  • In SMS Message Listing, the Unknown stat colour now reflects the progress bar colour.
  • Drip Campaign Expiry date column has been removed.
  • Clicked/Not Clicked dropdown links on Filter > Contact Activity > Contact no longer break.
  • The placement of the close button on Email Report > Bounces has been fixed.
  • Subscription form text in Contact > Contact Fields no longer breaks when text is long.
  • Adding a layout section during message creation in Builder, no longer displays double layout sections.
  • Scheduled imports on Import History, now show on the listing page.
  • Import History page now shows details correctly.
  • The character count in SMS Message Composition aligned correctly.
  • The Date Picker for Drip Campaigns on the Safari web browser now works correctly.
  • New help modal connection error fixed.