Version 7.3 of the system contains the following updates:

Message Composition

  • Filtering by custom fields in quick filter creation step in message composition.
  • Drip campaign test mails.
  • Enterprise templates – phase 2.
  • Automated report sharing.

User Interface

  • Redo old error page.
  • App log in page redesign.
  • Reset password page re-skin.
  • Message composition social delivery options page refactored.

A/B Split Testing Campaigns

  • A/B split testing – Composition step.
  • A/B split testing help documents.
  • A/B split testing guide.


  • Spam score testing run on our own server process.
  • Redirects and reasons on unsubscribe.
  • Improve the list delete to deal with large numbers of contacts.
  • Share reports improvements.
  • List delete memory issue.

Bugs Zapped

  • Put the ticket system back into the product.
  • Public error page styling.
  • Subscription form: 2nd step not rendering translation.
  • Filter not working.
  • Change subject line to Spanish.
  • Reset password page styling broken.