This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • Import field mapping has been re-skinned.
  • Personalisation options removed from Description text fields in message composition.
  • The word “Read” has been changed to “Opened” in filters.

Bugs Zapped

  • Switching a customer to Bulk and Transactional on Quota > Customer, while enterprise does not have transactional enabled, the reported error now displays accordingly.
  • Cursor focuses on Email Subject line correctly on properties page.
    • Inserting personalisation keeps cursor in the correct position.
    • Emoji and personalisation button layout in Firefox fixed.
  • New WYSIWYG toolbar translates into other languages correctly.
  • Emoji support information now translates into other languages.
  • Long subject lines no longer extend outside of the confirmation screen in message composition.
  • Pasting content into message text fields (e.g. subject line) no longer pastes html code.
  • Testing a gilter on preview now works correctly.
  • The colours of the graph and legend in the detailed reports page now match.
  • An error now appears when saving a custom field or multi-value field without adding a field option.
  • The “success” message styling when adding a Facebook account on the Settings > Integrations page, has been fixed.