This version of the system update contains the following updates:


  • The email history listings page has been re-skinned with the following changes:
    • When there are no messages in Email history, nothing shows in the preview area.
    • The word “contacts” has been changed to “recipients”.
    • “Sent date” always appears last on email preview.
    • When a message is rejected after being sent for approval, it is immediately set to “saved/composing”.
    • Edit icon removed from scheduled messages.
    • The “compose with” icon has been changed to a paint brush icon.
    • Search icon and pressing “enter” both work to run the search.
    • Progress bar only animates while messages are sending.
    • While a message is awaiting approval, the icon now displays as “awaiting approval”.
    • The preview panel displays awaiting approval icon, along with the email address that the approval request was sent to.
  • Drip campaign now has new list selection design.
    • Allows an import to be selected too during list selection.

Bugs Zapped

  • Message thumbnail on confirmation page now showing correctly.
  • Preview eye icon now shows on the thumbnail of email confirmation.
  • Incorrect icons are no longer showing, when hovering over the default thumbnail in email history.
  • Importing via the API and assigning a unique ID mapped to another contact field no longer causes the import to fail.
  • API 1.0 now works with newly generated API keys.