This version of the system update contains the following updates:

Product Update

  • Re-subscribe interface now skinned/styled correctly
  • List report now includes:
    • Contacts who have not read or clicked any messages:
      • List Reports > Contact Activity > Total Non-Interactive Contacts
    • Can export these contacts
    • Multi-value custom field no longer has “Private” option


  • Access removed to schedule messages. Doesn’t get used often and is used incorrectly when used.
  • The Social tab in Detailed Email Reports > Properties > Social has been reskinned
  • Drip campaign changes:
    • If you are composing a campaign that has SMS and email messages, you can send test messages to both from the single test message interface.
    • These fields are disabled until a message is selected. The appropriate field will be enabled depending on the type of message selected. If both are selected, both will be enabled.
  • Can now add mailers to standard campaigns though the API.
  • Preview emails now include the word [TEST] before the message subject.

Bags Zapped

  • Drip campaign Send Test menu no longer breaks when there are too many messages.
  • In Email properties, the Personalisation button no longer turns blank when you “tab” to it.
  • Special characters for the International interface are no longer bold.
  • Geo-location hot-spots now display properly: Colours with the number of opens/clicks
  • Recurring SMS messages no longer have blank content, and send previous content.
  • Schedule message now has “Schedule” button instead of “Send”.
  • When a quota has been exceeded, the final step of email composition now shows a message saying that the quota has been exceeded.
  • Long file names on Import interface now shortened/truncated to prevent breaking interface.
  • Social sharing tab not supposed to show on A/B Split Testing. Option removed.
  • Long subject line in email composition shortened/truncated to prevent breaking interface.
  • Deleted contacts no longer return by API.