This version of the system contains the following updates:


  • “No filter” option added to list selection step of message composition.


  • New SMS quota manager instituted to resolve SMS quota calculation errors.

Drip Campaigns

  • Approval tab removed from drip campaign composition.

Bugs Zapped

  • “Birthday is Tomorrow” filter not working.
  • Deselecting unfiltered lists bug.
  • Builder: Single column divider error.
  • Email quota issues.
  • Alerts loading double.
  • List selection taking too long to load.
  • Filter and import functions not working.
  • Filters don’t work when there are spaces between commas on multiple values.
  • New filters can’t be tested immediately.
  • Campaigns sending page has no title.
  • Filters on list option page does not refresh the count automatically.
  • SMS character count doesn’t update when text right-click pasted into composition block.
  • Complaint notification should go to list owner or message creator.
  • When exporting a contact Email/SMS Status, the information comes out as ‘None’
  • Basic/intermediate dashboard status and type columns empty.
  • Preview thumbnail’s ‘view online’ link doesn’t work.
  • Filter listing not updating when a filter is deleted.
  • Upload from Zip not formatting images correctly.
  • Deleting parent customer causes problems for department.
  • Create filter saves duplicates when button clicked multiple times.
  • Deleting filters in listing page does not update filter count in sidebar.
  • Advanced dashboard panels – large values need to be abbreviated.
  • Create message button not working.
  • Mobile number status set positive without a mobile number.
  • Contact creation date not converting for reports.