This version of the system contains the following updates:


  • Contacts Listing:
    • Filtering on email/mobile removed.
    • Tooltip numbers show the full number.
    • Query timing improvements – queries faster.
  • Security improvement on Update Profile link to prevent contact info farming.


  • First open date on email reports.
  • Listing page for staggered messages.

Other Changes

  • Cleaned up Advanced dashboard for when SMS is not enabled.
  • Message properties pages reskinned.
  • Import listing updates automatically.

Bugs Zapped

  • Deleting a filter that is in use removes it from the filters list.
  • Template thumbnail images are black.
  • Drip campaign pausing bug – when multiple drip campaigns are active and one is paused, it keeps sending the campaign.
  • Drip campaign translations not pulling through.
  • Messages being posted to Twitter multiple times.
  • Field mapping colour not changing.
  • Email reports preview not working.