This version of the system contains the following updates:

General Issues

  • Subscription Terminated email not translating.
  • Update old logos on services import screen.
  • Change lists step to include imports filters.
  • SMS composition ordering updated to mirror email order.

Bugs Zapped

  • Google Docs contact import shows errors.
  • Google Docs contact import shows contents of document as random characters.
  • Service imports broken if you want to import from Google Docs a second time.
  • SMS portal – new line characters strip the rest of the content of an SMS.
  • Message confirmation thumbnail not rendering correctly.
  • Drip campaign report message selection error.
  • Builder error not allowing users to edit the message.
  • Total mobile counter not updating on message creation. 
  • When loading the standard campaigns listing for the first time, users get a php notice error.
  • Email sending progress bar broken.
  • Exporting click report.
  • Run advanced test_SPAM score error.