This version of the system contains the following updates:


  • SMS listing updated to match email listing.
  • SMS in drip campaigns finalised.

A/B Testing Campaigns

  • Final step must check scheduling, not send straight away.
  • Add delivery step after lists split step, containing scheduling options.


  • Add status filters on listings for emails and SMSes.
  • Filters – Custom Fields should be in its own tab.


  • Font sizes: Users can choose odd sizes for fonts.
  • Pause subscription interface styling.
  • Supply import data on listing interface.

Bugs Zapped

  • Filters – Custom fields error.
  • Can’t scroll to bottom on user access rights tab, and the messages item under the API is underneath the footer.
  • Password reset not working.
  • Error when not saving classic email before clicking ‘Back’.
  • Contact update report formatting IDs as dates.
  • ‘Back’ button out of view after Google contact import.
  • Left navigation broken on import field mapping page.
  • Enterprise templates name field issue.
  • Builder template colour reset.
  • Translation on approval message not rendering.
  • Error in subscription notifier.