This version of the system includes the following updates:

Drip campaigns

  • Subscribers will not receive emails added to drip campaigns in a lower node than he/she is currently on.
  • Drip campaign pause alert redesigned.


  • Fields in same order when viewing and editing filters.
  • Filter listings phase 2

Other updates

  • Consolidate confirmation and paper plane pages.
  • SendLog available via API.
  • Add campaign scheduling fields.
  • Cursor hover on List Options changes to hand to show it is clickable.

Bugs Zapped

  • Message history list hash error.
  • Print report on Overview Report not displaying correctly.
  • Subscription form duplicates error.
  • Contact statuses can’t be changed on the front end. 
  • Setting SMS contact to receive emails lists that contact as a duplicate and will not subscribe.
  • “Powered By” logo redirecting to an error page without URL.
  • Translations not rendering.
  • Contacts being set to “Off” status when updating email address.
  • Shared reports main navigation text spacing is breaking.
  • Unsubscribe to Off setting not working.