This version of this system includes the following updates:


  • Classic composition to use builder templates only.


  • Implement pause, resume, and cancel operations on SMS listings.
  • Total recipients to be queued needs to be visible in pre-queue status.

Other Updates

  • Add campaign ID to the message archive.
  • Users can search for contacts by name (first or last).
  • Custom fields organised alphabetically.
  • Add a notification to the drip campaign message composition step – notifies if any messages are still in composing state.
  • Afrikaans added to Nexus.

Bugs Zapped

  • Language issues in Nexus.
  • Title on subscription forms is blank.
  • Error message when creating SMS.
  • Special characters not rendering properly.
  • List Report: Open & Link Activity page navigation only appears on first page.
  • Undefined property on SMS composition.
  • A/B Testing: Incorrect thumbnails showing.
  • Browse and Copy&Paste on imports buttons are illegible.
  • API import return email address with failures.
  • Email composition: Personalisation lists go off the page.
  • Creating a department after search issue.