Version 7.0 of the system contains the following updates:

Message Composition

  • Create and send SMS messages using the API.
  • Composition landing page.
  • Advanced delivery settings added to drip campaigns.
  • Include all message fields when recreating a message from template.
  • Remove unsubscribe footer checkbox.
  • SMS Composition: New design implemented.
  • List selection added to SMS composition.
  • More fonts added to the email builder.


Users can export multiple lists.

Social Sharing

  • Users can customise post text per platform for social sharing.
  • Users can choose which platforms to link to from footer text and online versions of email.


  • Print to PDF now supports responsive templates.
  • Import reports new design implemented.
  • Email reports PDF updates.
  • Reputation reports includes transactional data.


  • Database stores the date that a contact is switched to ‘Off’ status.
  • External list sync checked while user creating a mail (if list created using an external system).
  • Advanced user dashboard implemented.
  • Message & Campaign listings design upgrade implemented.

Bugs Zapped

  • Validation CAPTCHA not working on Safari.
  • Message forced footer not adding footer to messages.
  • Incorrect bounce processing.
  • Hover on side nav.
  • TCPDF error when trying to print email report.
  • Bounce notices.
  • Reports notices.
  • Pagination dropdown breaking.