This release sees the final touches to our Email reports, we have combined the heat map and link performance reports into the Content Report, and the locations report has been revamped as the Geo report. We have also moved the report sub-menu to the left, and use icons instead of long descriptions for each email report. Email composition also sees a few tweaks. You can now create segment filters inline and view the details of the filter when it is selected in the composition wizard.

Email Composition

  • You may create a segment filter inline.
  • Segmentation details shown when a segment is selected.
  • You can personalise transactional email subject lines.

Email Reports

  • Top five bounce reasons are now shown on the Recipients report.
  • Sent items shown on Recipients report.
  • New email Content report is specific to the content of each email. This is made up of the heat map and link performance reports.
  • Locations report has been revamped as the Geo report.
  • The reports menu has been moved from the right to the left of the reports screen.
  • Public email reports have been updated to use the new layout.

My Account

  • Billing information page divided into two columns: Billing Information and Payment Methods.