This upgrade sees further extensive changes to the email message composition, email reports and My Accounts sections. We have 25 shiny new email templates ready to rock the holiday season, and a smart tool that makes publishing your newsletters much neater. The Delivery Options step in message composition has been split into two steps. Some of the Email reports have been incorporated to reduce clutter on the Reports screen. We’ve also integrated invoices, and updates to the List selection page in email composition. Please refer to the tables below for further details of the upgrade.

Message Composition

  • link shortener automatically shortens links when newsletters are published to social media.
  • Step 3 of email composition only covers list selection.
  • Step 4 of email composition covers delivery options.
  • List search bar can now be filtered by list groups.
  • Once you select a list, a Segment button appears next to the search bar. If you’ve set up filters, you can apply them to your lists here.
  • List interaction statistics are now available next to each list in the table.
  • New filter icon available for each list in the table allows you to apply and remove segments for a specific list.
  • Selected lists will show even if you change the search criteria.
  • Approximate number of contacts in selected lists shown on top right of selection table.
  • Refresh button next to approximate number of contacts. Clicking this will query the database to provide an exact number of contacts in selected lists.
  • Send Notifications option and settings moved to step 4.
  • Message scheduling moved to step 4.
  • Approval settings moved to step 4.
  • Staggered sending & rate limiting options moved to step 4.
  • Previews, Spam and Compatibility options available in steps 2, 4 and 5.
  • Content processing moved to step 4.
  • Step 5 added to email composition. This step is the Confirmation & sending step.
  • Spam test layout has been changed. Tests are on the left of the screen. If a test has data, it will be shown in bold font.
  • 25 new email templates especially for the holidays, with Christmas, New Years and non-denominational themes.

My Account

  • Customers can now view their invoices inside the product instead of being redirected to WHMCS.
  • Customers can also view their support ticket history inside the product.
  • Improved usability and design for submitting and viewing tickets.

Email Reports

  • Bounces, Contact Activity and Social reports have been combined into one, now called the Recipients report.
  • Devices and Technologies report has been replaced by the Platforms report.
  • All listings can be searched and exported, pagination moved to the bottom of the listing.
  • Each export is search-sensitive, so your search term will be reflected in the export.
  • Export platform-specific contact report.
  • Graphs are now zoomable.
  • The delivered percentage no longer rounds down.
  • Layout improved.
  • Share reports pop-out layout has been improved.

Other Changes

  • The unsubscribe process has been changed to a double-unsubscribe to prevent accidental unsubscribes by spam-checking programs.
  • Triggers external action redirect issue resolved.
  • Fixed total sent numbers discrepency in Transactional reports, detailed report page.