Version 6.18.10 of the system includes the following updates:

Message Composition

  • Standard campaign wizard created.
  • Campaign feature updated.
  • Email builder updates.


  • Transactional stats changed. Total Sent = Total Sent + Failures, and all labels that say ‘reads’ renamed to ‘opens’.
  • Email recipients report updated.
  • SMS reports total sent includes parts in multi-part SMSes.
  • Transactional reporting – add dates of inferred reads withing opens summary.

Other Improvements

  • Account logs can now be exported.
  • Email validator update.
  • Email footer responsive fix.
  • Filters interface updated to include SMSes.
  • FTP imports supports Excel files.
  • ‘Always on’ status removed from interface.
  • SFTP support on imports.

Bugs Zapped

  • Manage contacts extremely slow when filtering.
  • Filters ‘is empty’ bug.
  • Old PMailer logo used on Facebook integration app.
  • Deleting contacts and custom field problems.
  • Messages sending from incorrect states.
  • Error editing a saved message.
  • Contact’s country bug.
  • Disable footer selection on composition.
  • Import domain spell-check bug.
  • Welcome message – appending admin directly after the user’s name.
  • Notifications breaking email and SMS queuing.
  • Block bounce reset button.
  • Recreating a message with old builder templates breaks the builder.
  • Message fetch-at-send does not generate the thumbnail.
  • Builder composition layout selection bug.
  • Double queuing problem.
  • Social sharing not working.
  • IE doesn’t show image gallery properly.
  • Composition process very slow for some customers.
  • SSL Sites.
  • Image gallery breaks when images uploaded with spaces in the file name.
  • Broken servlet links.
  • List reporting discrepancies.
  • Queuing picks up already-sent message.
  • Link tracking is trying to log in.