Updates in this version include beginner and intermediate dashboards, API updates, and multiple bug fixes.


Two new dashboards have been introduced: Beginner and Intermediate. The dashboard now provide a better flow and access to product features.


Customer can set or update a contact’s status when importing a list. Can set status to ‘On’ or ‘Off’.

API Updates

  • Create customer call.
  • Update customer call.
  • Create user call.
  • Activation email call.
  • Auto log in call.
  • Customer suspend/unsuspend call.
  • Top-up package call.
  • Change customer package call.

Email Reports

  • New Link Performance field in email reports shows how many unique contacts interacted with a link in your message.
  • Message Properties interface redesigned; ‘Message details’ removed.

Email Composition & Sending

  • The beta version of the email Builder has been released.
  • The template selection interface has been redesigned. Mobile-friendly and responsive templates are now marked with relevant icons.
  • Upload from ZIP UI fully implemented.
  • Upload from URL UI fully implemented.
  • Phase 1: Fast & more scalable queuing.
  • Message size calculated during composition.


  • Top-up and upgrade process revamped. Using Central instead of WHMCS.
  • New user settings interface.

Bugs Zapped

  • Profile update error.
  • Invalid autoresponder tracking options.
  • Import Notices.
  • Problem with Spanish characters in from-name and subject.
  • Autoresponders not personalising the reply and from email addresses.
  • PHP notices.
  • PHP Warnings.
  • Edit trigger not working in Chrome.
  • Language issues on imports and some message creation screens.
  • List reports: Date filter broken.