This release sees the introduction of a major new feature to email composition; The Coder. This allows advanced users to design their email using code instead of the WYSIWYG editor. We’ve also rolled out our new import interface and finalised the updates to the email reports.

Email Composition

  • Once you have completed your email settings in step 1, you will be able to choose between classic and coder composition. The coder allows advanced users to create their email using HTML or CSS instead of the WYSIWYG composer.
  • When you select a segment, the system will display the description and segment conditions.
  • You can edit segments inline while composing an email.
  • In the template selection screen, new templates are marked with a star icon, and mobile-ready email templates are marked with a mobile phone icon.
  • The WYSIWYG size has been reduced.

Email Reports

  • The email report navigation bar has been changed so that each option has an icon and a description.
  • New field in the Content Report that shows how many unique contacts interacted with a link within your message.


  • Integration with Info Bip SMS portal is complete.
  • Unique ID field is optional when exporting contacts.

Bugs Zapped

  • Template images not showing.
  • Global wrapper not working on transactional.
  • Argentinian help links and branding.
  • List reporting subscription.
  • Shopify – App account.
  • Saved message list choices do not persist.
  • Complaint reasons not translated.
  • Format bug – contact reports Argentina.
  • Template add component radio button disabled.
  • Wrong labeling of bounces
  • Global wrapper on transactional mail faulty.
  • List deletion problem.
  • SQL error on imports.
  • Can’t delete customers.
  • Live not generating reports for reads and clicks.
  • Unsubscribe form not unsubscribing contact.