Release Notes

Release Notes2022-08-19T13:36:04+02:00

Release Notes Version 2024.06.01

In this release: We've implemented a new feature where you can generate and download CSV file exports for transactional email reports; and we've implemented extra quota notifications for transactional email users, on both the new and old transactional system.

Release Notes Version 2024.04.02

In this release: We've updated the Opened Email Global Trigger, so you can now select either all or specific messages and use the toggle to allow a particular action to be triggered on any opens of the selected message(s).

Release Notes Version 2024.03.01

In this release: The performance of our A/B Split Test function has been optimised; and the search bar of the Detailed Report can be used once again to find out how a specific contact interacted with a message.

Release Notes Version 2024.02.01

In this release: We’ve updated the user interface of the Imports page to show only one import is running at a time, indicate whether an import is queued or fetching data, and display the actual processing start time of the import; and you will now receive an error message when there’s a failure to retrieve lists for Workflow Enrolment Triggers.

Release Notes Version 2024.01.01

In this release: In accordance with Google and Yahoo’s new bulk email authentication requirements, we are now enforcing domain validation for all bulk and transactional emails sent through our platform; and we’ve updated the message send status for the mail transfer agent (MTA) to indicate retry attempts when a message fails to send at first.

Release Notes Version 2023.12.3

In this release: You can now view the real-time sending status of your emails in the Detailed Report; we’ve replaced the bird logo associated with the social networking site formerly known as Twitter with the new “X” rebrand in all instances where the icon appears on our platform; we’ve updated the Detailed Report for SMS to ensure the “Unsubscribes” button is displaying once again; and thanks to a recent bug fix, duplicated messages will no longer be sent to email addresses in the CC field of a transactional email.

Release Notes Version 2023.12.1

In this release: The custom field data selected for the Message Properties will be populated once again when you recreate a previously-sent email; and we've updated our Detailed Report for email to ensure the correct stats are displayed under the label for Total Unique Clicks.

Release Notes Version 2023.11.3

In this release: We’ve improved functionality on our Message Link Clicks global trigger by allowing users to more easily specify whether they would like to trigger an automated event on all link clicks in an email or SMS, or only trigger the action when specified links are clicked; you’ll once again be able to view the full date and time stamp on SMS replies; and we’ve improved the SMS Recreate feature to ensure all properties are populated when recreating a previously sent SMS. 

Release Notes Version 2023.10.4

Our Rich Text Editor now supports superscript and subscript; we’ve improved technical documentation related to setting up Google Analytics tracking and added instructions on enabling custom tracking links in email; you will again be able to view records of SMS unsubscribes in the Activity Log sections of Contact Profiles, and we've improved stability on our Automation Suite to allow for more effective automated communication campaigns.

Release Notes Version 2023.10.3

We’ve improved system performance on the SMS Composer interface; we’ve improved technical documentation related to the use of image links in our Gmail Promotions Tab feature, and after a recent bug fix, you will be able to view page previews as expected when composing landing pages.