New Features

  • We’ve introduced a four-column layout element on our Email Builder. This allows for user-friendly drag-and-drop setup of content across four columns on emails (see Email Message Composition).


  • We’ve updated the Manage Lists feature for bulk emails with a personalisation icon, allowing users to add custom personalisation tags to unsubscribe URLs (see Manage Lists).
  • We’ve added an “unsubscribe_redirect_url” parameter for email sending via our legacy transactional email API. This attribute will allow you to redirect unsubscribed contacts to a destination URL (see Send a Transactional Email) 

Bugs Zapped

  • Thanks to a recent bug fix, Anniversary Workflows will once again trigger as expected, using a date field in your specified contact list/s (see Anniversary Workflows).
  • We have improved page-load performance for our Email, Landing Page, and SMS composition interfaces, allowing for better loading time and enhanced reliability.