• While importing an email contact list in Imports, you can now tag all the contacts in that import by selecting the desired tag during the Import Options step. You can also create a new tag if necessary. All new and existing contacts will be tagged if they’re part of the list you’re importing.
  • To better align our email reports with industry standards, we’ve updated table headings in the Content section of the Detailed Email Report with standard terms for metrics. For example, “Unique Clicks” has been replaced with “First Click”, and “Recipients” will soon be relabelled “Unique Clicks”.

Bugs Zapped

  • When checking whether an SMTP domain is validated for sending, Everlytic will ignore the casing (whether upper or lower case) of characters in the domain name.
  • You will again be able to conveniently share email performance reports using share links from the Share Report modal.
  • We’ve improved loading performance on Customer Profiles.
  • We’ve improved compatibility for some foreign language characters on the SMS builder.