New Features

  • Go-to nodes:
    • The go-to node on the node report now shows the same information as the node in the workflow builder, including the node ID, email, email subject, conditions, email opens, and delays.
    • Clicking on the go-to info in the node report directs you to the node itself.
    • Go-to nodes that are receiving contacts from another node now show a blue dot icon at the bottom with a tool tip saying where the contacts came from
    • When clicking the ‘View Contacts’ button on your go-to nodes, the completed modal opens, showing a list of contacts who have completed the node.
  • When adding an email or SMS to a workflow, there is now a static ‘Compose’ button on the content thumbnail, showing you where to add your message content.

Bugs Zapped

  • The data reflecting on the list reports page is now updating correctly and includes contacts that subscribe via API.