This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates:

  • Added an export button in Lists > List Reports > Subscription Activity.
  • Domains page has been re-skinned:
    • New modal opens when creating a new domain.
    • Added Domain Status, Verification, and Google Analytics tabs to page.

Bugs Zapped:

  • Fixed issue with Transactional quota check not calculating correctly.
    • Transactional quota now checks parent of department.
  • Fixed issue with images in the Builder not sizing correctly, and not appearing correctly on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue regarding customer accounts when the customer is set to department. You can now set the customer account type even if the customer is set to department.
  • Fixed issue with contacts duplicating within a Drip Campaign.
  • Fixed issue with subscription form previews adding and removing contacts in a list.
  • Fixed invalid reply issue when sending a test email with personalisation.
  • Fixed issue with A/B Split test thumbnails not updating on Set-Up page.