This version of the release contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • Multivalue custom fields in subscription forms, now have a ‘Required’ option.
  • Email detailed reports now include ‘Track Downloads’ stat for tracked attachments. Tracks the following:
    • Total Downloads.
    • Download-to-Open Rate.
    • Unique Downloads.
    • Repeat Downloads.
    • Platform.
  • Download recipient report using export button in ‘Track Downloads’.
  • Styling updated for A/B Split Test reports.
  • Styling update on SMS tracked attachments reports page.

Bugs Zapped

  • Field mapping for imports no longer maps all numbers as mobile.
    • Field values now validate to check mobile numbers.
  • Bounces on email detailed reports now show correctly.
  • After editing a subscription form, the previously set form settings now pre-populate correctly.
  • Import detailed reports now showing correct import data.
  • A/B Split Test winner stats and bar now work correctly.
  • A/B descriptions in activity log no longer missing.
  • Graphs for A/B Split Test reports now working correctly.
  • Read stats on the ‘Account Log’ CSV now calculate correctly.
  • Fixed the visual issue with ‘Account Log’ buttons.
  • Fixed ‘Compatibility’ test modal in email composition.
  • Twitter footer link in email composition now works correctly for all accounts with Twitter enabled.
  • Container element in Coder email composition no longer disables buttons on modals.
  • Properties tab in SMS history page now redirects correctly.