This version of the release contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • The Classic composition page has been re-skinned.
  • Structure of landing page URLs have been improved.

A/B Split Test

  • A/B Split Test now correctly validates fields with personalisation.
  • Reporting now has Clicks report.
  • Reporting now has Opens report.
  • Can now filter for AB clicks and opens.
  • Can now export Clicks and Opens reports.

Bugs Zapped

  • In A/B Split Test, clicking Close’ on an individual message report now takes you back to the overview page.
  • Sent stats now consider failed messages in A/B Split test.
  • Deleting a filter used by A/B messages no longer cause errors.
  • A/B split test open rate stats now calculating correctly.
  • Fixed ‘who clicked’ button on A/B detailed reports page.
  • Thumbnails now generate correctly when testing message subject line on A/B Split test.
  • Fixed display error on A/B Split Test opens and clicks in detailed reports.
  • Twig conditional statements now work correctly for autoresponders.
  • Pagination no longer disappears when editing/creating a new campaign.
  • The import report error.csv file now displays the correct information.
  • Birth date field added back to subscription forms.
  • Subscription form double opt-in now sends confirmation email.
  • Compatibility modals fixed on email composition.
  • Fixed attachment counter on Classic email composition.
  • Fixed breaking ‘Next’ button on Classic email when adding an attachment.
  • Fixed ‘Copy from HTML’ error on Classic composition.
  • Fixed error appearing on preview panel in email listing page.