This version of the system contains the following updates:

Product Updates

  • A/B Split Test reports now has a test comparison table for sent messages.
    • A report icon appears when you hover over a message. This takes you to the detailed report of the message.
  • A/B listing page now loads faster.
  • An alert modal now appears when sending test messages with attachments and ‘Track Attachments’ selected. These attachments cannot be downloaded.
  • Landing Pages now have Personalisation.

Subscription Forms

  • New options added to HTML Download tab in the ‘Get Form Code’ for published forms.
    • Disable CSS
    • Inline CSS
    • Disable Javascript
  • Creating a subscription form now uses the Builder style.
    • Form creation is divided into two sections:
      • Fields: A dropdown list now displays all field options.
      • Customise: Every element’s colour and position is set here.
    • Drag-and-Drop option now shifts content blocks.
    • An ‘Edit’ function on content blocks allows further customisation of the following:
      • Label
      • Placeholder Test text
      • Field requirement.

Bugs Zapped

  • A/B Split Test:
    • When testing ‘From Details’, A/B confirmation screen now shows both ‘From Details’ and ‘From Name’.
    • The overview percentages in “Detailed Report’ are now correct.
    • Personalisation info when sending a test to five random contacts now works correctly.
  • Fixed Builder composition page for email.
  • Download HTML button on subscription forms now works correctly.
  • Preview modal on email listing page now works correctly.