Workflows (Beta)


A Workflow is a set of automated actions, created to guide a subscriber along a unique path that leads to a specific goal. The goal could be conversion, onboarding new customers, engaging an existing database, or nurturing new leads.

Workflows will at first replicate Drip Campaigns, with future upgrades incorporating autoresponders. To access Workflows, click Workflows > Create Workflow to begin creating your email and SMS workflow, set-up triggers, delay events, and action sequences.


Workflow Triggers

Workflows allow you to trigger actions in two main ways.

  1. The action is triggered by a specific date.
  2. The action is triggered by contact subscription or a date related event (anniversary or birthday).

Workflow triggers are as follows:

  • Subscription Event: When a contact gets added to your list, they will trigger this event and begin to move through the work flow, receiving your pre-created emails and/or SMSes.
  • Birthday or Anniversary: An automated action is triggered by an existing subscriber’s birthday, or subscription anniversary.
  • Once off Start Date: Set a specific date to trigger your actions. These actions will only work for all contacts currently existing in your database.
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