Transactional SMTP Setup


This page will give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your SMTP settings.

Setting up an SMTP connection is easy enough and in this example we will use Microsoft Outlook 2016. It will basically be the same across most email clients.

Account Setup

In Outlook, click File > Account Settings

Outlook - Account Settings

Once you are in the Account Settings page, you will have your current email setup. What we need to do is set up a new email account. Click New.

Outlook - New Account

After clicking New, select Manual setup or additional server types at the bottom of the setup page.

Outlook - Manual Setup

Click Next.

In the next page of your account creation, you will have to select a service. The first option is directly related to Outlook which can be ignored. Select the POP/IMAP radio button and click Next.

Outlook - POP_IMAP

The next screen is the POP/IMAP Account Settings page. This is where you fill in all the necessary details to set up your account. Not all the boxes need to be filled in, but it is better to fill in as much as you can.



User Information

Name: Your name

Email Address: The email of the account you wish to use. Use the same email address if you will be sending emails from it.

Server Information

Account Type: You can select POP3 or IMAP. This doesn’t matter here.

Incoming mail server: There will be no incoming mail in our set up. You can fill this in with whatever you wish.

Outgoing mail server: You can find this SMTP address under Transactional > Settings in the product.

Login Information

User Name: This is the username used to log in to this email address. Since there is no email account for incoming messages, it is not necessary to fill in.

Password: This will be the same as the user name - you don’t have to fill it in.

Test Account Settings

Don't test the account as there is no incoming mail and the server name is invalid. The test will fail. Also, ensure you have unchecked “Automatically test account settings when Next is clicked."

Do not click Next yet. Instead, click More Settings on the bottom right above Next.


Outlook - More Settings_Naming

Internet Email Settings

In the General tab, you can enter a Mail Account name with anything you wish. Don’t worry about the other details. The most important thing, which is where the connection between our server and your outgoing mail happens, is in the next tab: Outgoing Server.

Outlook - More Settings_SMPTsettings

Outgoing Server

Check the first checkbox to activate the SMTP settings. Check the Log on using checkbox.

Your user name and password are found in the same place as your SMTP settings, by logging in to your dashboard and selecting  Transactional > Settings.

Click SMTP Credentials to view your username and password.


Back in your Account Settings, fill in these details and click OK. Click Next and in the next window click Finish.

For more details on finding your username and password, please see Transactional Email Dashboard.
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