Transactional Email Reports


The transactional email report shows basic statistics of sent messages.

To get the reports for transactional mails, select Transactional from the list of packages on the top right of the screen.

Select Reports > Transactions from the options on the top left of your screen.


Each transactional email you send is placed in a group dated by month. A basic overview gives an overall number of emails sent, failed, opened, clicked and bounced for each group.

In the report listing screen, select a group on the left to open a report for it. More details will appear on the right side of the screen, displaying the last 10 transactional emails sent. This will also include: date sent, email address, subject, status.

Clicking the Detailed icon will take you to a more comprehensive report. A pie-chart on the left breaks the report into percentages, the middle displays as a line graph, and the right gives a selection of report options to choose from.


Report SummaryGets a summary of the message activity detailing the number of sent, opened, bounced, and failed emails.
Opens ActivityA summary of transactions opened.
Link ClicksA summary of transaction link clicks
Sent TransactionsA summary of transactions sent.
Location ReportA map view of countries where opens and clicks have occurred.
Failed TransactionsA summary of failed transactions.
Bounce TransactionsA summary of bounces that occurred.


You can filter the reports by the following options:

  • Date: Set the date of the report you want to generate.
  • Domain: Set the domain (such as or of the report you want to generate.


Should you wish to share your report, click the Share button on the top right of the screen.

This generates a link to view the report. You have the option of sharing a report with the data exported for a more detailed report or without the data exported for a basic summary.

Transactional - Share Report

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