Transactional Email Dashboard


This page is dedicated to the transactional email Dashboard.

To view your dashboard, log in and click Transactional in the top right corner of the screen. This option will only be available if transactional mails are part of your package.


The dashboard will appear in two versions. The first version displays SMTP settings and the second version displays a summary of mails sent:


SMTP Settings

Host: These are the host settings you insert in your SMTP to send emails via our service.

Port: The port number for the SMTP server.

Username: A username is provided for you and will appear here. Use it when setting up your SMTP access.

Password: A randomly generated password is provided for you and will appear here. Use it when setting up your SMTP access.

Transactional - Everlytic_Dashboard_2

Dashboard once transactional emails are sent.

Sent Summary

This graph displays the number of emails sent during the month per week. The table gives the following basic detail about the emails sent: date sent, email group, from email, to email, email subject, and email status.


The announcements section is a short report of transactional emails sent. It is broken down into Year, Week, and Day. Every month the statistics reset and keep only the total number of emails sent during the entirety of the year. Every email sent per week in a month is captured in Week. Emails sent in a single day are captured in Day. The total at the bottom is the total sent in a month of the quota given per month.

Transactional - Announcements

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