A/B Split Testing


An A/B split test uses two emails to collect statistics about customer behaviour. This allows you to test small changes to your email designs to see which versions are more effective.

A/B split testing breaks the campaign into two parts: the control and the treatment.

  1. The control is the version of your email that uses your company's normal design.
  2. The treatment is identical to the control except for one element that you change. You can change the subject, the font, or the call-to-action, or any other element on the page for the treatment.

To access the A/B Split Testing, click Campaigns > A/B Split Tests.

A/B split testing is perfect for finding out which marketing mailer works best, by creating almost identical emails. These emails are split-sent to your customer list randomly. The report generated compares the two emails and gives a trophy to the more successful email.


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